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Managing life is a challenge for all of us. But if you want inspiring advice and specific action ste.....
  - Dr. Jack Graham
(Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas Tx)
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Timely advice from excellent authors. The book The 3-Minute Difference has greatly helped me......
  - Judge Paul Pressler
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Welcome to Real Life Management

Navigating Your Real Life Journey

Every one of us has to take personal responsibility for our own life choices and our lifestyle management.  We can’t expect anyone else to make decisions for us, or live our lives for us. 

At Real Life Management we have built our business around helping “LEADERS” learn to make better life choices.  By that we mean parents, teachers, school administrators, student leaders, corporate and government executives, managers, supervisors, independent  business owners,  public office holders, community officials, military men and women, religious leaders, deacons, elders, ministry team leaders and all other men and women who are in a position of leadership anywhere in our global society.

At Real Life Management we realize that people everywhere are struggling with choices in their life concerning their Health, their Finances and their Relationships.  We believe that these issues are actually interrelated and we seek to provide keen insight into how we communicate and our priorities using an analogy of three different kinds of boats: Barges, Tugboats and Sailboats.   

We use this image because real life is much like the sea and the most exciting and interesting part of anyone’s life journey is learning navigating through the many rough water challenges.   They come at us in many different ways during a 24-hour period, and sometimes they hit us without warning. There are storms, high winds, and rolling waves, as well as calm waters and beautiful days when it’s pure bliss to navigate the seas. 

Using this metaphor, we will give specific examples of how each boat navigates the rough waters of life and deals with the predictable "leaks" which are sure to develop in each boat.  We then provide specific steps for how each of the boats can make navigational adjustments even as we can learn to make alterations to improve our lifestyle management.  
We call this the Real Life Management -- ALTER Model.  Through this proven ALTER Model you can make significant improvement and gain control of critical areas of your life and better lead others. 

  • A.  Acknowledge your own "attitude" and "boat" using the 3-Minute Survey.
  • L.  Learn new information about the area(s) in which you need improvement.
  • T.  Tactical planning customized for your particular "attitude" and "boat" must be developed.
  • E.  Execution of the tactical plan and tracking progress for 90 days is critical.
  • R.  Reevaluate, Review, Redesign and Recommit to your lifestyle improvement plan. 

You might ask, “Will I really be able to use this attitude awareness ALTER Model as a reality check and improvement plan for my personal life and my business?” The answer is YES !  Many others have done so and so can you!

So, whatever your background or experience is, whether you are self-employed, a corporate executive, a minister, a college professor, a military officer, a financial planner, a trade specialist, an administrative assistant, a stay-at-home mom, or a student everyone can benefit from learning to use the ALTER Model and related valuable tools available from Real Life Management.  You will better understand yourself and those around you as well as enhance your personal, academic, ministry or business success.

After you have utilized the 3-Minute Survey and the Full 12 Page Comprehensive Report, various videos, CD programs, Life Coaching Seminars, special promotional product packages, downloadable files and our two trade books on this subject matter, you will discover the “Determinative” influence of your “Attitude”, “Gifts” and “Wiring” on every aspect of your life.  

  • At Home
  • At Work
  • At Your Place of Worship
  • In Schools and Universities
  • In Organizations
  • In The Financial Industry
  • In The Health and Fitness Industry
  • In The Counseling Industry

Congratulations on choosing Real Life Management.  

We trust that you will enjoy the journey!



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