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Wayne Nance, Founder
Wayne Nance

More than 30 years ago, Wayne went on a quest to "fix himself" after a series of poor choices left him a 300-pound, stressed out, chain smoker, near bankruptcy, with a marriage on the verge of divorce.  Not only did Wayne fix himself, he discovered a methodology that has been used to successfully improve the lives of thousands of people as they've learned to ALTER their attitude, get rid of limiting beliefs, and make better choices that allow them to live "Real Life."  
Dr. John Terry

John has been teaching Real Life Concepts since 2007 and is a Master Trainer in the Real Life Management methodology. Having worked in the coaching industry for more than three decades, he brings a wealth of experience in leadership, communication, sales & marketing, and is considered an expert in human intelligence.  John is also a 2021 recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership
Derek Peters
Derek Peters
Senior Vice-President
A former pastor, Derek brings a passionate, heart-felt approach as a Master Trainer in the Real Life Management methodology. He also provides administrative oversight of the day-to-day operations of Real Life, assuring the company serves its coaches and clients at the highest level. Derek also brings a warm sense of humor and approachability when working with coaches and clients, and has more than a decade of experience in coaching and training.  
Clyde Bright, CFO
Clyde Bright
A CPA by profession, Clyde has worked in "Music City" working with many celebrities not only as their accountant, but as their business manager. With his attention to detail, he's been a valuable asset in helping the organization create the systems and processes necessary to serve a truly global audience.  Clyde also provides technical expertise along with helping the organization remain forward-looking to serve their clients and coaches at the highest level.  
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