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Real Life Leadership
During a 7-year pilot program, Real Life trained Chaplains embedded with more than 75,000 troops deployed globally.  The mission: improve leadership, communication, and collaboration, as well as help soldiers learn how to recognize the stress triggers that lead to poor choices, putting themselves or others at risk.  

What we also learned, as a result, allowed us to crack the "violence code." We were able to identify, with a high degree of accuracy, the soldiers who, under stress or distress, may intentionally engage in behaviors that are harmful to themselves or those around them.  
Leadership, In Their Own Words
And who better to tell that story, and the Real Life Applications, than the men and women who were involved?

Imagine implementing a program like this in a school, university, or business and helping to identify, in advance, those with a higher propensity for abusive, addictive, compulsive, or violent behavior that may harm themselves or others?  How many lives could be saved?    
Identifying Good Leaders
During this same 7-year period, we refined our 3-Minute Survey to also measure 15 key metrics of effective leadership and quantify these metrics.  This allows us to identify a leader's overall leadership performance and adaptability, as well as personalize coaching and training to the unique needs of each leader.

For any organization seeking to create high-performing, non-leader-dependent teams, having the right people in place who can assemble, direct, motivate, and release people to lead themselves is critical for meeting and exceeding goals and objectives.
Creating Great Organizations
For any organization to be successful, you've got to hire the right people, who can actually do the job, and work collaboratively with others on the team to effectively serve your clients and customers.  But effective leadership inside an organization is much more than that, and taking a "Real Life" approach to leading an organization not only boosts morale and productivity, but the company's reputation and bottom-line.

Most organizations operate far below their efficiency potential.  Sometimes, it's because they've hired the wrong people, but more often than not, it's simply because they have good people in the wrong positions.  We help with hiring, positioning, training, and creating effective leadership programs so more gets done in less time.
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