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"Real Life Management is not just another tool for the toolbox, Real Life Management is my toolbox.".....
  - Robert Cook
(U.S. Army Chaplain)
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The 3-Minute Difference is the best tool I have read (and it is very readable) for understanding exa.....
  - Dr. Ted Baehr
(Chairman, The Christian Film & Television Commission)
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Zig Ziglar says, 'Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude in life.' The 3-Minute Difference is a fantastic book that hits the 'attitude' nail on the head and is perfect for people who want more success in their personal, family, business, and spiritual lives. The three-minute survey helps you pinpoint the attitude you have while the book gives you a specific game plan on how you can take control of your attitude, eliminate the negatives, and start achieving more of the things you want. The 3-Minute Difference shows you where to start and then gives you a plan on how to get there.

- Tom Ziglar (President and CEO Ziglar)

The 3-Minute Difference (originally titled: Thin Rich and Happy) scores on all three subjects that challenge Americans. Do not read this book unless you are serious about these issues. This book calls for and demands ACTION.

- Rich DeVos (Cofounder, Alticor/Amway Global and Owner/Chairman, Orlando Magic NBA Team)

Managing life is a challenge for all of us. But if you want inspiring advice and specific action steps that will put you on the path to potential, The 3-Minute Difference is for you.

- Dr. Jack Graham (Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas Tx)

In my 25 plus years of experience assisting people in their relationships, health, nutrition and finances; The 3-Miunute Survey is the quickest, most effective, accurate tool I have ever used. Anyone who works with people should use the 3-Minute Survey and put the book The 3-Minute Difference at the top of their resource list!

- Bill Hawkins (President & Founder, Powerwave Marketing Group)

The 3-Minute Difference is the best tool I have read (and it is very readable) for understanding exactly what each person's preferences and motivations are and how to live a more successful life…this book goes into spiritual solutions to personal problems, and I recommend it highly.

- Dr. Ted Baehr (Chairman, The Christian Film & Television Commission)

Timely advice from excellent authors. The book The 3-Minute Difference has greatly helped me.

- Judge Paul Pressler (Texas Court of Appeals (retired))

"Real Life Management is not just another tool for the toolbox, Real Life Management is my toolbox."

- Robert Cook (U.S. Army Chaplain)

I first came in contact with Wayne Nance ten months ago on the telephone. After visiting for a few minutes, he suggested that I get on his website and take the "3-Minute Survey" while he waited for the results. After reviewing my results on the website, I was amazed at how accurate it was - it described me perfectly! After talking with Wayne further, he helped me to understand my attitude and tendencies and how to ALTER them. Furthermore, I incorporated the Real Life 3-Minute Survey into our hiring process. It has enabled me to build a true "Dream Team" of Marketers. Every interviewee was required to take it. I used the results as a factor in my hiring decisions. Example: One of the marketers scored very well on the survey relative to the characteristics I was looking for in a good marketer. However, he interviewed horribly. So much so, that I brought him back for 2 additional interviews based strictly on his survey score. So in this case, I ultimately hired him and he has become the leader of the Dream Team! The Real Life Management system is full of substance with material that you can put to immediate good use. And, as you learn more about incorporating attitudes into your personal and business life - it just gets better from there. If I could only choose one program to bring to the table, this would be the one!

- Gary Raggio (National Director of Annuity Marketing)

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